Dorsi Spinal Institute GDPR policy


Data Required

The practitioners at Dorsi Spinal Institute will require a detailed appraisal of your medical history, lifestyle and personal information. This is required for our in-depth investigation into your health and how to minimise problems and identify concerns both in the past and future. With this information we can develop an accurate picture of your health, and from that we can recommend care, maintenance and prevention programmes tailored individually to you.

Data Use

The data collected by us such as X-rays, ultrasound scans, posture pictures, assessment forms and progress reports are used to aid diagnosis and make our treatments more accurate and effective. We can use this information to make sure that the care we offer is specific and as accurate as possible to assist maximising your health. We also use this information to develop the customer experience.

The Chiropractic Doctors may discuss individual cases amongst themselves on occasion, with a view of giving you the best care we can from a host of experience in the clinic. Doctors may also (though rarely) discuss cases with practitioners from external companies. No personal details will be discussed beyond the case history and this is again to provide the best care programmes we can and for development.

We do not share data with anyone external of our company. If in the very rare event something is discovered that would more appropriately be assessed by a medial practitioner, we request permission to contact your GP on your new patient assessment form, however this is not done as a matter of course; this is at the discretion of the individual. If you did not consent to this on the new patient form, We will contact you again specifically prior to making contact with your GP if required.

Dorsi Spinal Institute GDPR & Data Storage

Your data is recorded digitally, although sometimes initially on paper forms which are kept in a locked cupboard. If paper is used, after your second visit (the Report of Findings) the records are scanned onto a secured computer database specific for chiropractic records called ‘Practice Hub’. They are then destroyed by shredding and the chiropractors can then access these records securely on the computer. The system has restricted access for some staff to various parts of the records and all are appropriate to the roles of the individual within the business. This same system is used to detail and record your treatment records and progress.

We store your records for 8 years. The reason for this is that court proceedings can be implemented for up to 7 years after an event. If you required evidence of injuries from a historical car accident for example, that data will be recorded and available for this period of time at your request.

You have the right to request the destruction of your data held by us at any time without reason.

Dorsi Spinal Institute GDPR

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