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Chiropractor Nottingham

Our team can help you with most conditions involving your spine & other joints such as shoulders, hips, knees, ankles & elbows. We can also treat muscle injuries and long-term problems that have started to affect your posture.

The first Step is to book a consultation with our Doctor of Chiropractic…

At the end of this consultation (talking) part of the appointment the doctor will proceed to the examination. If they feel that you are suffering with something that we cannot help with, we have a unique policy that we will refer you to the appropriate practitioner and you will not be charged for your appointment.

We can help most people that come to our clinic, but we have set this policy to give you peace of mind.

Dr Matthew ABJ Potts, our principal Doctor of Chiropractic is a specialist in the field of posture and spinal curvatures such as Scoliosis with over 20 years experience. He uses a unique hybrid of Chiropractic and the Schroth technique.

Schroth is the most scientifically validated non-surgical way of working with spinal curvatures.

The Dorsi Spinal Institute is a teaching clinic for other practitioners and is the UK’s leading Dorsi Spinal Clinic. Dr Potts is supported by Sarah Upsall BSc MSc – an injury rehabilitation specialist who has joined us from Leeds Rhinos RFC. She will be involved in your treatment with the doctor and sets your rehab plans; making sure that once you get well… you also STAY well.

Painful Conditions

Painful Conditions

We can help most types of pain and injury such as Back & Leg Pain, Neck & Arm Pain together with shoulder, hip and knee problems.


Posture & Scoliosis

Our team specialise in the management of postural problems, including complex conditions such as Scoliosis. Click for more information.

Pregnancy & Babies

Our Chiropractors are ICPA registered pregnancy & baby specialists. Your bump & baby’s are in safe hands.


Dr Matthew ABJ Potts BSc MSc DC
Dr Matthew ABJ Potts BSc MSc DCDoctor of Chiropractic

Dr Matt is our principal Chiropractor and has developed the Dorsi Method over the last 20+ years in healthcare. He can help you with all kinds of pains & injuries and specialises in abnormal curvatures of the spine.

Sarah Upsall BSc MSc
Sarah Upsall BSc MSc Injury Rehabilitation Consultant

Sarah has a bachelors and Masters degree in Sports injury therapy and applies her knowledge within the Dorsi Method. She will be working with you hands-on as well as setting your rehab programme if required.

It Could Be YOU?
It Could Be YOU?Reception/Osteopath/Therapists

We are recruiting: Please drop us an email if you think you might fit in with either our front desk or clinical teams. Include your CV and a covering letter stating WHY you want to work with us to recruitment@dorsi.uk


dorsi spinal institute patient testimonial

“After a series of sports injuries I am comfortably doing sports again.

Fantastic! Thank You Dr Matt”

dorsi spinal institute patient testimonial

“The Dorsi Method and philosophy has improved my overall health and well-being considerably since attending the practice. Not only through chiropractic care but learning new life skills…”

dorsi spinal institute patient testimonial 6

“Since starting care at the Dorsi Spinal Institute I have found far better mental clarity, and can now handle stress better. Headaches are rare and I have significantly more energy”

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