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Back Pain Treatment

80% of us will suffer with back pain!

“Back Pain is the second most common reason to visit your GP.”

There are many reasons that people suffer with back pain, ranging from slips and falls to chronic stress. Our doctors of Chiropractic are not only interested in the condition that is causing your pain, but also the reasons why it has developed. We estimate that 90% of the patients that visit our office suffer with problems related to their lifestyle. This can be sitting at a desk all day long, overtraining in the gym or the mental and emotional stresses of life.

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The first stage of care is to get you out of pain and back to “your normal”. If this is your goal, we will respect this, however this isn’t necessarily where we want to stop. Getting you back to your normal is the point at which this problem started, so our goal is actually to progress to a point that your body is working “as best it can.”

Once we achieve this, then there is a final goal… Keeping you there! The analogy Dr Potts uses in the practice on a daily basis is your teeth. Let’s say you have ready bad toothache and you see the dentist who performs treatment that helps the pain, but they identify a long-standing reason why you ended up in pain. It is then your decision to resolve the problem (if possible) or wait until the next time you have pain. The dentist may recommend a brace for your teeth or a night guard to stop you grinding your teeth, together with dealing with your stress levels, flossing daily and cutting out sugary fruit juices. Once you are right, the dentist will recommend regular check-ups to make sure your teeth stay healthy.

There are three distinct phases of any treatment:

  1. The Treatment Phase
  2. The Rehabilitation or Correction Phase
  3. The Maintenance or Wellness Phase

We will set out a programme for you & then it is up to you to decide how far you want to benefit from Chiropractic. The research shows that it actually costs you less in time and money to get well and then STAY WELL, especially when you see our payment programmes that make it affordable for the whole family to receive maintenance care.

Back Pain Treatment

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