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We are the leading non-surgical Scoliosis clinic in the UK.

Utilising a combination of hands-on treatment, mirror image corrective exercises and state of the art 3D braces – Each programme is specific to you or your child’s spine.

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The First step is to book a consultation

A scoliosis consultation with one of our specialist scoliosis consultants will allow you to discover the treatment options available to you or your child.

A scoliosis consultation can take place in our Nottingham Flagship clinic and rehab centre or virtually if you prefer.

  • Book your consultation with an expert to discover the treatment options open to you. Just £99
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The Dorsi Method combines multiple scientifically validated techniques for the management of your Scoliosis.

Over the last 20 years our clinical director Dr Matthew ABJ Potts has developed the “hybrid” Dorsi Method for the management of Scoliosis. After your initial consultation & examination your consultant will outline the best options for you or your child. This process takes 90 minutes and is usually split over two separate visits. However if you are travelling from far away, especially if you are flying to the UK for your consultation please mention this at the time of booking and we can arrange for both visits to be booked consecutively on the same day.

The Dorsi method consists of four distinct components. Each one can be used alone or in conjunction with the others. Your Scoliosis specialist will explain which therapy or combination is best for you. They range from out-patient (performed at home) exercises to custom-made 3D corrective spinal orthosis known as a brace. We follow research based protocols to decide which options are best for you and explain everything fully.

Your options will depend on many factors such as age, how much growth you have left (for children) degree of curvature, amount of imbalance in your body, your pain levels and of course.. your GOALS.

The Four treatment options are…
  • BioPhysics® Corrective Adjustments
  • Mirror-Image Traction
  • Schroth Rehab Programmes
  • Scolicare 3D corrective Brace

In smaller curvatures and mostly for adults who have less risk of the curvature progressing rapidly we utilise established Chiropractic CBP hands-on treatment protocols. In CBP the practitioner moves your spine in a very gentle and ultra-precise way to stimulate the correction of abnormal spinal curvatures and the improvement of sagittal (side on) curves that you do want to maintain or restore.

In complex cases such as scoliosis, we may also use “Mirror-Image” traction, which involves you laying on a specially shaped foam wedge called a ScoliRoll that is shaped to match your curve. It is called mirror-image because you lay on the wedge in exactly the opposite way to how your spine usually sits. At first this can feel weird, so we build you up from just a minute or two to 20 minutes which is the point of maximum traction of the spinal muscles and ligaments.

Although CBP is growing in popularity, there are still only a few experienced CBP practitioners in the UK. With with a background in rehabilitation, working