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Safe and effective treatment for all back aches and neck pain issues. Our team has decades of experience helping people get “back to health.”

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Help for all your MSK needs

Our team of trained clinicians can assess and treat all Musculo-Skeletal (MSK) complaints, from back and neck pain to knee and shoulder injuries.

We also specialise in complex postural complaints such as scoliosis and hyper-kyphosis in all ages. We are the leading non-surgical clinic in the UK that offers hands-on treatment, corrective rehabilitation programmes and where appropriate prescribe and design 3D corrective spinal braces.

The Dorsi Spinal Institute is a research and teaching clinic: In 2022 the clinic starts a UK government funded study to test our model of spinal correction.

Painful Conditions

Painful Conditions

We can help most types of pain and injury such as Back & Leg Pain, Neck & Arm Pain together with shoulder, hip and knee problems.


Posture & Scoliosis

Our team specialise in the management of postural problems, including complex conditions such as Scoliosis. Click for more information.

Pregnancy & Babies

Our Chiropractors are ICPA trained pregnancy & baby specialists. Your bump & baby’s are in safe hands.

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