Joint Pain Treatment

You will be looked after by two practitioners with four degrees & over 20 years experience treating joint pain

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Joint pain treatment: We don’t just help people with spinal conditions..

Our principal Chiropractor Dr Matthew ABJ Potts BSc MSc DC has a further degree in sports rehabilitation and has worked with elite sports teams and athletes suffering a range of injuries. He has then applied this in general practice helping people from all walks of life recover with complaints in every part in the body.

  • Chiropractic BioPhysics® Corrective Adjustments
  • Experience with Elite Sports Teams
  • 20+ Years Experience

We suggest that you book an initial consultation with Chiropractor Dr Matthew Potts to see what is causing your problems and to outline our recommendations. We have a policy that if after the consultation, before an examination takes place if the Doctor feels that you would be more suited to another form of treatment, we will create a referral and you will not be charged for the consultation: We feel this can give you piece of mind to book a consultation and know that you will be looked after without pressure or commitment.

The clinic offers a state of the art diagnostic suite including Colour Ultra HD and 3D diagnostic ultrasound, Infra-red posture scanning and a GE Direct Digital X-ray system due to be installed in early 2019. We will do all that we can to find the source of your complaint and develop a treatment plan that gets you well and keeps you well.

Once your Chiropractor has developed a treatment plan you will receive hands on treatment from both the Chiropractor and a Masters Degree level trained sports therapist. Sarah Upsall BSc MSc will also be in charge of your rehabilitation to make sure that the problem doesn’t reoccur.