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Joint Pain Treatment

You will be looked after by two practitioners with four degrees & over 20 years experience treating joint pain

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Monday  1.00-7.00
Tuesday & Thursday 8.00-7.00
Friday  8.00-2.00

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Joint pain treatment: We don’t just help people with spinal conditions..

Our principal Chiropractor Dr Matthew ABJ Potts BSc MSc DC has a further degree in sports rehabilitation and has worked with elite sports teams and athletes suffering a range of injuries. He has then applied this in general practice helping people from all walks of life recover with complaints in every part in the body.

  • Chiropractic BioPhysics® Corrective Adjustments
  • Experience with Elite Sports Teams
  • 20+ Years Experience

We suggest that you book an initial consultation with Chiropractor Dr Matthew Potts to see what is causing your problems and to outline our recommendations. We have a policy that if after the consultation, before an examination takes place if the Doctor feels that you would be more suited to another form of treatment, we will create a referral and you will not be charged for the consultation: We feel this can give you piece of mind to book a consultation and know that you will be looked after without pressure or commitment.

The clinic offers a state of the art diagnostic suite including Colour Ultra HD and 3D diagnostic ultrasound, Infra-red posture scanning and a GE Direct Digital X-ray system due to be installed in early 2019. We will do all that we can to find the source of your complaint and develop a treatment plan that gets you well and keeps you well.

Once your Chiropractor has developed a treatment plan you will receive hands on treatment from both the Chiropractor and a Masters Degree level trained sports therapist. Sarah Upsall BSc MSc will also be in charge of your rehabilitation to make sure that the problem doesn’t reoccur.

The Dorsi Spinal Institute


Monday 2:00 – 7:00
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 – 7:00
Friday 8:00 – 2:00

Our principal Chiropractor Dr Matthew ABJ Potts has over 20 year experience in healthcare and has developed the unique Dorsi Method that has a waiting list for other practitioners to learn.

Rather than treating everyone the same, our goal is to find the cause of your problems and really understand WHY they have happened. Your treatment plan will be unique to you. The hands-on treatment you receive will be provided by the Chiropractor or Osteopath and a qualified sports therapist. The Chiropractor or Osteopath will take overall responsibility for your care and provide any recommendations plus the spinal manipulation component of your care. Your sports therapist will work on the soft tissues by providing deep tissue massage, traction or stretching and will take care of your rehabilitation: your homework (if necessary.)

The clinic offers a state of the art diagnostic suite including Colour Ultra HD and 3D diagnostic ultrasound and a GE Direct Digital X-ray system due to be installed in early 2019. We also use the latest posture scanners using Infra-red imaging to build a photo-realistic postural avatar of your body. From this scan we can assess your posture, show you where your body is dysfunctional, identifying potential causes for the condition to relapse and most importantly, we re-assess you at regular intervals during your treatment plan without any additional radiation.

Our treatment protocols are ultra specific to your body and may include traction sessions stretching your spine in the exact opposite (Mirror-Image) to its usual incorrect position. You will have a personalised rehabilitation plan designed by our Masters Degree Level trained Rehab Consultant.

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